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Boebert ‘has no plan, no shame’

I am writing in response to a letter in the Jan 18 edition of The Journal. Like other rational Republicans, I am disgusted and shamed by the behavior of my Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She A) has no plan; B) has no shame; and C) is destroying whatever dignity is left in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her only agenda seems to be, like her mentor former President Donald Trump, to bring chaos and confusion into government in order to bolster her own ego and finances.

She does not understand either our own government nor the importance of international relations. In dishonoring President Volodymyr Zelensky, she only further humiliated herself. Folks, like recent letter writers, who support her stance offer no facts; only, like Boebert, innuendo and slander.

Ukraine has an elected democracy. We in the U.S. need to continue to support them against the bully who has launched this unprovoked imperialist attack. Would her supporters rather wait until Russia launches a new attack, which requires our soldiers to fight? Do not be fooled by this demagogue who offers no solutions to any problems and whose only program is self-aggrandizement.

Jim Skvorc