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Bridge Scores

Durango Bridge Club Online and In Person Play – All Pairs Received 50+ percent

July 22 – Non-Life Masters, 1:30 p.m.

First: L. Arnold/R. Ayers

Second: G. Bell/M. Bell

Third: K. Wiggins/J. Newlin

July 22 – Open Pairs, 6 p.m.

First: R. Borrego/S. Brown

Second: S. McInturff/R. Farkouh

Third: B. Somppi/F. Pilch

Fourth: W. Schultz/S. Snyder

July 23 – Open Pairs

First: B. Dobson/W. Rosenberger

Second: D. Sher/M. Harlow

Third: S. Saunders/D. Saunders

Fourth: K. Wiggins/J. Newlin

July 25 – Open Pairs

First: J. Edmondson/J. Edmondson

Second: B. Gantner/B. Dobson

Third: W. Schultz/H. Schhoenstein

Fourth: C.L. Lappen/S. Brown

July 26 – Non-Life Masters

First: J. Hackbert/P. Hackbert

Second: P. Torchia/F. Warden

Third: C. Conger/S. Westerwick

Fourth: C. Garland/E. Dorminy

July 26 – Club Level

First: D. Sher/B. Dobson

Second: W. Caplan/D. Squires

Third: S. McInturff/M. Harlow

July 27 – Open Pairs

First: C. Campbell/W. Rosenberger

Second: L. Anderson/B. Dobson

Third: D. Seibel/G. Seibel

Fourth: S. Brown/C.L. Lappen

July 28 – Open Pairs

First: L. Seibienski/L. Odette

Second: M. Zempel /J. Mullins

Third: F. Peterson/Y. Rogers

Fourth: L. Anderson/B. Dobson