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Class costs too much for senior

Being a senior, I have been attending classes at the La Plata County Senior Center for six years now. I was happy to pay for my exercise class, $4 per class. Okay, that’s an expense I can accept. Now that I’m taking three classes twice a week, and the price has gone up to $6.50 per class session, my total cost will be over $150 per month. I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing disgust at this change.

The Senior Center should be a free resource for all seniors to stimulate social and physical well-being in a population that can be basically homebound. Aren’t there any other options – grants and such – that can be explored?

I’m going to relocate to the Durango Community Recreation Center, where I can get a free membership through my medical insurance, and take classes not focused on senior needs.

Nancy Cleve