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Comfort Keepers offers support, resources for older adults

Comfort Keepers reminds community members that as the community opens up and life begins to look a little more like it used to, older adults may have a harder time adjusting.

According to research, older adults continue to be at an increased risk for loneliness and social isolation, which contributes directly to health issues.

Older adults are more likely to live alone with infrequent visits from family and friends. Many are hesitant to be in public places and attend social events, as they feel vulnerable and fearful about becoming ill. Some are still hesitant to seek medical attention for acute and or preventive care.

Comfort Keepers staff members are available for guidance and support. For more information, call Erin Youngblood at 422-7040.

Additional rescources are available at www.chaclaplata.org, www.comfortkeepers.com/shelter-in-place and www.cdc.gov/aging/publications/features/lonely-older-adults.html.