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Cyclists should use bike lanes

:I walk daily on the sidewalks on and around Florida Road. Daily, some bicyclist creeps up behind us on the sidewalk instead of using the bike path right next to it. They routinely yell, shout obscenities and otherwise startle pedestrians.

Sidewalks away from the river trail are not multiple use, and if you're not a child in the direct control of a parent not endangering a pedestrian, a dog or other being on the sidewalk, you are required to use the bike lane.

According to Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-1412, bikes on sidewalks are required to yield to pedestrians. The bike path is right there, next to the sidewalk; you've got plenty space; and it's common sense.

It also prevents accidents. Use common sense. Bikes belong in bike lanes.

Christa Turnell