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Durango needs better traffic enforcement

Today, on the way downtown, a car went through a crosswalk when I was halfway. A police vehicle ignored the violation. Then crossing Camino del Rio at the Seventh Street crosswalk, with lights blaring, a truck did not slow down, and I had to run across to the island. Just another day in Durango.

Do drivers know what it means when there is a red light or a stop sign or a crosswalk? In all the years I've been in Durango, I have seen the police giving one ticket. Well, Durango needs a traffic division within the police department. City Council needs to provide the funding necessary to support such a department.

This division would pay for itself two or three times over. Most important, citizens who walk would not have to be fearful when crossing streets. So City Council, you have the legal authority to create such a division and you are not flush with funds. So, do something for citizens who walk.

As many of us who have lived in Durango a long time, traffic is getting more intense and violations more flagrant. What will it take for the City Council and police to act?

Seanne Wright