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Farmers Market: Udder indulgence makes soap from goat’s milk

Cedar Hill business makes array of hircine dairy toiletries
Vickie Robinson of Udder Indulgence raises goats in Cedar Hill, N.M., and makes an array of soaps and lotions using their milk.

Vickie Robinson of Cedar Hill, New Mexico, has been raising and showing goats for 24 years. Eventually, she found another use for them, giving rise to Udder Indulgence, her goat’s milk soap business.

“I got into soap-making about 10 to 12 years ago,” she said. “I took a year of just making it and not selling it, just to get my recipe down good and something that I liked.”

She has been coming to the Durango Farmers Market for about six years, she said.

In addition to the soap, Robinson sells goat milk and honey lotion; solid lotion bars (that are “really good for dry, cracked feet, knees, elbows and fingers,” she said); beard oil for men; women’s face-moisturizing oils; shaving soap; foot scrubs with embedded loofahs; and more. In the near future, she hopes to have beeswax candles as well.

“You can’t make goat’s milk soap without goats,” she said. The fresh goat milk that goes into Robinson’s products comes from three breeds, she said: Saanens, Alpines and Sables.


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