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Kudos on trauma-informed sentencing

Kudos to District Attorney Christian Champagne and the DA’s office on their progressive stance in a recent domestic violence case. Champagne required the convicted perpetrator to find new employment as the victim/survivor and perpetrator worked at the same agency. Although accommodations had occurred requiring them working separate shifts, Champagne’s office took things further in full support of the victim/survivor.

Requiring a perpetrator to find a new place to work is a positive step for trauma-informed sentencing. Not only is it more protection for the victim/survivor, it also sends a validating message around the importance of victim rights. As a professional in the field of trauma for over 30 years, I can say this kind of forward-thinking provides the foundation for the possibility of a deeper level of healing from the horrors of domestic violence. Too many times, the victim/survivor is left to accommodate situations that involve being further traumatized, which just makes healing from this kind of abuse more difficult.

Great job to Champagne, the Victim Advocate Team and the judicial system for this positive movement for victim/survivors.

Ruby Jo Walker