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Letters: Demand a fair trial for President Trump

During the impeachment hearings, I was disappointed to see the House Judiciary Committee vote straight down party lines.

President Trump withheld U.S. support from an ally unless that country did him a personal (political) favor. This is bribery and an assault on fair elections.

He released some of that aid only when the scheme was exposed by a whistleblower. More than a dozen witnesses testified that they were alarmed by Trump’s misconduct. Yet Republicans dismissed the evidence presented.

Two prominent senators have vowed to acquit regardless of the evidence.

President Trump ordered government employees, including his staff, to defy congressional subpoenas. And he blatantly intimidated witnesses. This is obstruction of justice and an assault on the rule of law.

Our founding fathers were statesmen, unafraid to stand up to the king of England and tyranny. What they did fear was the situation we have today: a president who would be king.

Republicans in office seem to be terrified that if they find any fault with the president, they will lose their re-elections. They are more concerned about retaining power and prestige than living up to their oaths of office and protecting our democracy.

They are evidently afraid of the truth.

The U.S. Constitution states that a president shall be removed from office for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Contact Sen. Cory Gardner and ask him to be a statesman. For starters, he should demand a legitimate (not a fake) trial in the Senate.

Fred BirdCortez