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Letters: Hello, we’re your New Mexico neighbors

About Chessa Gill’s letter (“

We also subscribe to the newspaper; I subscribe to only the online edition, so there’s no sense that I’m shorted by less frequent print editions. I have contributed multiple photos to the Herald, taken on both sides of the state line.

Likewise, plenty of La Plata County residents make a living or have other interests in New Mexico, and although President Donald Trump promised Colorado a big, beautiful wall, I have yet to see it impede the passage of people, commerce or ideas between the two states.

Curiously, George Washington looks very near the same on my New Mexico subscription dollars.

Dec. 7 marked the two-year anniversary of the shooting at Aztec High, where my son was in attendance. I was at work in Durango, and the Herald was an important source of information when I was so desperate to verify that my son was safe. I wouldn’t expect the Herald to disregard such news because of an invisible line.

The point of a newspaper is to provide information and perspectives we wouldn’t encounter in our own daily experience, and if “Yuck” is truly one’s response to a mention of New Mexico, perhaps they’ve not experienced the green chile?

Lauren MerrittCedar Hill, New Mexico