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‘Look forward to having Boebert in class’

Thank you for the news story on Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and her bill to take authority away from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service related to wolves and the Endangered Species Act. H.R. 764 is titled “Trust the Science Act” and I just want Boebert to know she can learn about wolf re-introduction in a few of my history classes at Fort Lewis College.

She can learn about wolves and science in national parks in HIST 323 National Parks: America’s Best Idea. In HIST 181 Environmental History, she can read “The Last Stand of the Pack: A Critical Edition (University Press of Colorado),” about wolves being killed in our state in the 1920s and arguments for their reintroduction.

I look forward to having Boebert in class to discuss science, ecology, wolves and watersheds. And for other conservative Republicans like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, I’d suggest he take an ethics course from our Philosophy & Political Science Department.

Andrew Gulliford