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Lots, ball fields for pickleball

I hope that the Durango city government can think of a better use of $35,000 for sound barriers and $300,000 additional funds for site improvements for the latest fad sport of pickleball. I enjoy the game but I really think that it will fade away as racquetball did, the rage of the ’70s and gone in the late ’80s. If the city wants to spend funds and not incur the wrath of neighbors over noise, I really think the ideal location for these courts are the existing parking lots that run along north Main Avenue and the two baseball fields.

The two ball fields are without a doubt the most underutilized land in the city (three summer weekend baseball tournaments). The conversion of these asphalt lots into courts would be a fraction of the cost of building new lots at Schneider Park. Seal coat and stripe them, then auger net postholes and games on at one-tenth the cost of the Schneider Park plan. You also have existing toilets and pole lighting if you want to provide nighttime play.

Ted Johnson