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‘LPEA board dominated by special interests’

As a former La Plata Electric Association director, I’ve watched with disgust as the LPEA board has come to be dominated by special interests. As self-declared stewards of the environment, they say they have a “mandate” for local utility scale solar energy. This mandate comes from the solar industry itself. The current board chairman of LPEA conducts LPEA board meetings from his office at King Energy, a solar energy provider.

The “mandate” for local utility scale solar energy will lead to environmental destruction in Hesperus. Bulldozing, fencing off and defoliating an area larger than Lake Nighthorse is hardly an example of environmental stewardship. So much for protecting critical wildlife habitat and ground water supplies. Local solar development is being done for a few local business owners to pocket a chunk of the hundreds of millions to develop this project.

I know John Purser, and I respect his integrity, civility and passion to represent all members. He will bring transparency to the LPEA board and, if necessary, loudly resist special interests. You have a choice to vote for the newcomer from Texas or a man of integrity. I’ll be voting for Purser and encouraging my friends to do the same.

Davin Montoya