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Luxury RV park: ‘Halt application’

The development proposal Roberts Resorts RV Park (PL 20222059) before the La Plata County Planning Commission would place 257 luxury RVs, plus 49 luxury cottages alongside the Animas River at the juncture of Highways 250 and 252. Accommodating 257 enormous (25- to 45-foot-long) RVs through the congested light at Trimble Crossing and down narrow 252 boggles the mind of this valley resident.

Folks may avoid the backed-up Trimble light, where only a few can turn at one time, driving their huge homes on wheels down narrow, shoulderless 250. This road has steep ditches on each side and a double yellow line for almost the entire stretch. It is a popular bike and running trail.

With such egregious traffic problems, this project should be called Gridlock Park.

Even more horrifying is the thought of a fire in the valley like the fire outside of Boulder that burned 1,000 homes in one night, in spite of lots of fire hydrants. Remember, our valley saw the huge Missionary Ridge and 416 wildfires.Trying to get 250 enormous gasoline and diesel-filled vehicles out of the narrow drive of the park, onto 252, 250 and 550, while fire equipment is arriving, could well block all fleeing Dalton Ranch, Willow Springs, Trimble Shopping Center and the more than 150 driveways on Highway 250.

That the Planning Department is considering this and erroneously calling it a “minor land use” is a travesty.

Please help halt this application. Contact La Plata County.

Connie Durand