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McLachlan ‘a unifier, not divider’

Barb McLachlan is the type of legislative candidate we can all support. McLachlan is experienced. She works hard and listens well. She works well with her colleagues in the Colorado House, and seeks solutions for the problems facing Colorado and our corner of the state. Her ability to co-operate with all members of the Legislature is a skill necessary to craft common sense bills and get them passed.

One of her main concerns is the water situation in Colorado. Increased water storage in reservoirs, aquifers, in top soils and encouraging farmers to plant low water use crops, while also encouraging residential water conservation practices are among her top priorities.

As a former teacher, she is concerned with teacher shortages in rural Colorado. She has sponsored bills to streamline requirements for teacher stipends and remove arbitrary limits on the number of applicants for the educator loan forgiveness program.

We need Barb McLachlan’s experience and people skills in the Legislature. She is a unifier, not a divider.

Alan Rolston