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‘Our weapons daily killing innocent people’

I’m a member of Durango Palestine Solidarity Coalition. Thanks to The Durango Herald for bringing attention to our call for a ceasefire resolution in Durango on Jan. 27

I wanted to touch on statements that stood out to me. First, the phrase, “Israel-Hamas war,’ indicates an even playing field, or a state vs. state conflict. It does not recognize the aggressive bombardment perpetuated by one of the most highly funded militaries against a resistance group with little funding and no state recognition. This is a genocide, not a war.

Secondly, while what Mayor Melissa Youssef stated is true, we have our own local problems, the fact remains that our tax dollars are funding these aggressions and it is our weapons daily killing innocent people. This is very much all of our business. Many in our country, and indeed our community, live in poverty, while Israeli citizens enjoy free health care and education.

Contrary to Western sentiment, this did not start on Oct. 7. This conflict has been ongoing for over 75 years. The 1948 Nakba marked the forced displacement of 750,000-plus Palestinans and the destruction of more than 500 villages.

Much like our native population, which was colonized, brutalized and driven to near extinction, the Palestinian people have undergone paralleled brutalities. As settlers on these lands, it’s time to take accountability for our brutal past, to verbalize the atrocities, and to demand our government call for a permanent ceasefire within the Palestinian homeland. Thank you.

Jodi Underwood