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‘Proud of fair, peaceful elections’

The one thing that should be noted in the wake of the midterm elections is how candidates accepted losing. Generally speaking, they accepted it in the traditional way: civilly. There was some, but not much, bluster about voter fraud, rigged machines, ghost ballots from beyond the grave or election workers conspiring to mess with the count.

Here in the 3rd Congressional District, we were fortunate to see civility in action. In an incredibly close U.S. House race, one that, under state election rules, qualified to go to a recount, the candidate with fewer votes recognized he had fewer votes, and conceded to the candidate with more votes. There was no spoiled child behavior: no kicking and screaming, no pointed fingers or accusations, no tantrums or threats. There was a recognition that there are winners and losers, that the game was not fixed, and that the winner goes on and the loser goes home.

It was reassuring to see a return to the way our electoral system works best. I have my own theories as to who benefits from casting unsubstantiated doubt on that system or why doubt needs to be cast or what the doubt-casters’ endgame is. But what is not theory is a certainty that doing this is not the way to gain control of our republic and its democracy.

We have much to be proud of here and fair, peaceful elections is one of those things.

Josh Joswick