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‘Reconsider hero worship of Boebert’

We have serious issues to address in our country, none which will present a simple inexpensive quick solution. U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert has continued her barely successful political strategy of behaving as an ignorant loudmouth.

Recent weeks should have concentrated on water for the entire western U.S., along the removal of water from the eastern U.S., and the creation of water infrastructure pipelines between the continent. Certain factions of our society blame immigrants for the drug problems, when the blame should be placed on ourselves, our voting neighbors, specifically for changing drug laws.

A recent letter writer applauded Boebert’s conduct, which is centered on hypocrisy regarding the Ukrainian war, and the national debt. We are not at war, the national debt problem can be blamed on both parties. Sex trafficking is not a monopoly for either of the combatants, but it is definitely present here. Remember the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein? He was an American, and an intimate friend to many Democrats and Republicans.

Boebert does not provide answers or solutions. She is a neo-fascist that blames anyone who is against her. Don’t expect answers or solutions from her – just trouble. I advise that letter writer to reconsider his hero worship of Boebert!

Joe Hubbard

Aztec, New Mexico