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Shaw ‘will succeed as people’s’ rep

One strength that I admire in people is self-awareness of what they know, and what they still need to understand as it motivates them to continue to seek information. This strength is especially important for those who want to represent us and seek our votes. Shelli Shaw possesses this strength and that benefits all of us in her bid to represent House District 59.

To better understand the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and the misguided belief that it directly impacts education funding, Shaw studied the text and interviewed subject matter experts. Armed with a clearer understanding of TABOR, she capably educated her three-term opponent during a recent debate that indeed, TABOR has nothing to do with funding schools. Our legislators’ priorities decide the funding of bills, where to direct funds and many funds are directed to projects other than education.

TABOR simply brings tax money in the door. There is nothing in TABOR that talks about education. Shaw will succeed as the people’s representative because she has the will and curiosity to learn and understand the issues, and their impact on citizens.

Kelly Hegarty