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Snowdown Sneer busts on City Council, school board and El Niño

Annual satirical publication appears during week of winter celebration

The mysterious

The creators and writers of the Sneer have always remained anonymous. Event organizers say they have no ties with the publication.

Whomever the writers are, they certainly read the news.

In this year’s edition, Robert Mueller is investigating the Animas River for alleged ties to Russia after the outbreak of the invasive Russian olive tree, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported El Niño, after the storm system apparently entered Southwest Colorado “undocumented.” So much for the snowy start to winter.

As always, the Sneer ribs at local issues.

The city of Durango, for instance, vowed to make city residents “feel our wrath and beg for mercy” for rejecting to raise a sales and property tax. Repercussions include not treating city drinking water anymore and banning pickleball from the Durango Community Recreation Center.

Also, theSneer reportedly discovered a solution to illegal camping around the city: A new homeless camp would be set up at the roundabout on Florida Road, near Chapman Hill.

And in one stunning report, an audit of Durango School District 9-R found out how the administration spends its time, 35 percent of which is “making stuff up” and another 24 percent “bickering with the (The Durango) Herald.”

Anyway, the Sneer is out, meaning the madness of Snowdown is not far behind.

Jan 29, 2019
City announces parking restrictions, street closures and shuttles for Friday’s Snowdown parade

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