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‘Spend money on gosh-darn parking solution’

I just took The Durango Herald poll. “Do you support the city of Durango's effort to seek engineering plans and possibly a major development of downtown?” I voted “no,” and when I did, there were 75% that voted “no” as well. I think the City Council “has the cart before the horse.”

I have seen many letters from business owners who are protesting this whole idea. I'm so glad to see other longtime businesses rejecting this boondoggle. The town (us) needs to vote first if they would like downtown Durango torn up and redesigned into the fantasy of some engineer. Then if the majority of people say, “Oh yes, please, do that to my town,” then proceed to see how many million dollars we have to waste on it. It's called democracy. The City Council is acting as if we live in a dictatorship. By the way, what and who is/are “Durango's Multimodal Advisory Board,” and if they are telling the City Council how to run our town, why do we need a City Council? At least this one?

Spend the money on the gosh-darn parking solution, so we can get downtown easier and stay longer. Stop with this nonsense, already!

Susan E. Uhl