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Stupidity reaches unprecedented level

It is safe to say that Christopher Hitchens was right, “Partisanship makes you stupid.” This current level of “stupidification” has given us new ways to name the “other:” “Libtard,” “Antifatard,” “Foxtard,” “Magatard,” “Q-tard.”

Sadly, the “tardation” is most apparent in that evidence-free realm where we find: Jewish space lasers; comparing face-covering mandates to what Jewish people experienced in Nazi Germany; chickens that gobble up Arizona election ballots and then are incinerated; claims that Jan. 6 was a normal, peaceful day of tourism at the Capitol (pooping on the Capitol floor was normal?); that COVID-19 vaccine makes you magnetic; and where the election was stolen.

We also learned that not only does partisanship make people stupid, it makes some elected people cowardly. Voting down a bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection was exactly what George Washington warned us about in his 1796 Farewell Address – placing party loyalty over loyalty to country.

Every day the stupidity reaches levels we think can’t be topped, but when a Q-tard who doesn’t know how to pronounce Myanmar asks a retired three-star general why we can’t be like Myanmar and replace an administration by way of a military coup – and nobody bashes him in his witless noggin with a copy of the Constitution – the country should know it has a serious stupid problem.

Kevin Devine