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Thank you to Animas Orthopedic Associates

I have had two total knee replacements since April. The expertise provided by Dr. Brinceton Phipps and Casey Gardner at Animas Orthopedic Associates was nothing short of remarkable. My surgeries went beautifully, and I am walking better than I have in 10 years. Such amazing talents!

I am also incredibly grateful to the staff of Rivergate Physical Therapy. Rick Cimaglia, Clara and Paula are simply the best at what they do. They helped me return to mobility with care and positive motivation. From the fourth day out of surgery, they built a program that was challenging but not overwhelming. I am forever grateful to all of them. When I completed my time with them, I missed having them in my life. What a tribute to their practice!

Thank you to each of these talented health professionals! Durango is blessed to have them here!

Sally Smith