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‘There is evil in the world’

As of 1993, there were over 22,000 gun laws on the books. I spent almost three hours on ATF’s website recently and gave up after about 50 pages. Why not demand violent offenders be kept in prison?

Do criminals bother with legalities, go to the local sheriff's office, fill out a lengthy form, get fingerprinted, photographed, go through an invasive background check, then wait patiently for their conceal carry permit to arrive in the mail, say two or three months later? Or go to the local sporting goods store, show a valid picture ID, fill out substantial paperwork to purchase a firearm, then wait for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to complete a background check before they can purchase a firearm?

Dear folks: How familiar are you with present world conditions or nations around the world that have disarmed their citizens similarly and are now dictator states? Or the mockery called the justice system?

Citizens loyally watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC; all on board with disarming American citizens but carefully omit the joke of the justice system. Indeed. Newsflash folks, there is evil in the world and guns are incapable of independent action, evil isn’t.

Denise Murray