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‘Time to arrest these freeloaders’

It seems very obvious that part of the solution to our “homeless” problem is to make them more accountable for the damage they are incurring on our public properties.

Much of the problem is personal irresponsibility. We have individuals who are trying to live on public land, but want the public to leave them alone. They also want somebody else to clean up after them. The time has come to arrest these freeloaders, then have them clean up our city on work crews.

I think there are many homeless people that need our help, but two interviewed in a recent news story are not among them. We as a society are not obligated in any way to take care of people who don’t want to contribute to society as a whole. It is not the job of our police and sheriff’s deputies to clean up after these narcissistic individuals. They have more important things to do.

Every news story seems to indicate that the homeless are not responsible for their plight and that we are oppressing them. If they truly wanted to be left alone, they would work to get a piece of land, then we would leave them alone. But it is far easier to whine and complain about how things are not fair. Time to grow up, cry babies!

David Green