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‘Tipping is a social function’

In reply to the editorial on Wednesday, “No-service tipping tough to negotiate,” I have this response. First, at full-service places, we tip about 20%, if product and service is at least decent. We know that our restaurants are understaffed, making the job harder, so we cut them some slack. But at all self-service businesses, we ignore tip jars and internet invitations to tip. We just don’t tip when it is self-service.

As far as pay goes, I know of a good local restaurant that has signs up (even in the restrooms), offering $18 an hour plus tips for tipped workers. That is almost twice the state minimum wage for such workers. Service is decent there, so we tip 20%. For a non-tipped job, I have seen local ads for employees at $20 an hour and more. Way above state minimum wage for them. Bottom line, anybody who is not earning way above state minimum wage in Durango just isn’t reading the ads.

Tipping is a social function mainly confined to the U.S. In Europe and other places, it is rare. When done, it is for exceptional service, then only about 10%, and never for self-service. So, self-service tipping? Just no. Any back talk and we find another place to do self-service shopping.

Richard H. Ruth