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Trumpism must go for democracy to survive

Donald J. Trump and, more importantly, Trumpism must be excised from the fabric of America if the country is to survive as an exemplar of democracy.

Trump did not create racism, misogyny or the disregard for science; these have been with us from the beginning. What Trump did was give voice to those who harbored these biases, letting the thinly veiled hatred and ignorance come out of the closet.

The newly empowered, initially disparate, groups became united as a powerful political force under the MAGA banner. It was this collective, combined with several violent pseudo-militias and the deranged QAnon conspiracy theorists, that constituted the cowardly mob attack on the Capitol last Jan. 6. That should have been a wake-up call for all Americans, but the Republican Party remains in the thrall of Trumpism, fearing to speak the truth of the past administration’s misdeeds lest they lose their jobs in the House and Senate next fall via the machinations of Trump’s misguided base.

To further ensure re-election Republican state legislatures have enacted draconian, anti-democratic voting restrictions to eliminate the franchise of minority groups.

It thus remains an open question whether the stench of Trump and Trumpism can finally be put to rest. The accumulation of many small efforts may assist in that national quest, so I hope, at a minimum, that the very embarrassing Lauren Boebert will be sent packing by Western Slope voters.

Michael S. Berry