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Vote for 9-R candidates with clear goals

A visit to the “Building Durango’s Future” website for the candidates Kristine Paslay, Donna Gulec and Richard “Dean” Hill seems straightforward.

The website is generic looking and uses language to appear as though student achievement is the cornerstone of their running as a “slate” of candidates. One of the main ideas on the page was a desire for “transparency” on the school board. However, a simple search online provides a deeper look into the backgrounds of these candidates and the true motives behind their attempt at seats on the board.

From denouncing the separation of church and state (Dean Hill) to the anti-mask stance and disavowal of critical race theory (which is not even being taught in schools) these three candidates are not intent on bringing about positive change, but are actually furthering a political agenda that places our students in the middle.

Further reading shows that these candidates plan to use hot-button issues to disrupt our school board rather than actual plans to focus on student achievement and support. Our school board should be focused on providing students safe access to in-person learning throughout our schools, teachers that feel supported and advocated for by administration, and the desire to improve our students’ achievement and access to quality education without a political agenda.

The Durango Education Association endorses the three independent candidates of Erika Brown, Andrea Parmenter and Rick Petersen. These candidates have been transparent and clear on their goals. Do your research and vote Brown, Parmenter and Petersen.

Sara Tippie