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John Ingold
Position: The Colorado Sun

A new way to measure political divide in Colorado: Coronavirus vaccination rates

Across the state, blue counties are getting vaccinated at higher rates than red ones

Rural Colorado health in crisis with doctors becoming scarce

Some counties have no doctor at all

Colorado’s Front Range is perfect petri dish for hail

Topography creates updrafts, keeping stones aloft longer

Lessons on how to prevent mass shootings elusive

Aurora theater shooter exhibited a number of behaviors indicating mental problems

Theater shooter’s sister recalls a kind older brother

Chris Holmes: I still love him

Investors talk about pot’s potential

DENVER (AP) – The legal-marijuana industry in the United States could mint multiple billionaires in the next decade, a Colorado cannabis business mogul predicted Tuesday. That exp...

DA challenges Holmes case evaluation

CENTENNIAL (AP) – Prosecutors have accused the psychiatrist who performed a crucial mental-health exam on the Aurora movie theater gunman of having “an unfair bias” that influenced his findi...

Aurora shooting victims denied access to records

CENTENNIAL (AP) – Several survivors of the Aurora movie theater shooting who are suing the theater’s owner will not be allowed access to restricted court records, a judge ruled Wednesday. ...