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Peter Marcus
Position: Staff reporter
Phone Number: (720), 891-8280

Clinton leads over Trump in Colorado-specific poll

Bennet holds double-digit cushion over Glenn

Legislative panel backs marijuana for PTSD

Favorable sign for bill proposed for upcoming session

Double-digit health insurance increase cues political blame game

Less focus on solutions and more attacks ahead of election

Lawmakers preparing to trim state services

Lackluster economy forces tough decisions in Denver

State takes aim at issues of burgeoning aging population

DENVER – When Christina Knoell was younger, the last thing she was thinking about was aging. She was preoccupied raising children. Now, at 46, the executive director of the San Ju...

Democrats laughing over Darryl Glenn’s confidence

GOP Senate candidate says lack of national interest means he’s winning

Lawmakers accused of interfering with initiative process

Ellen Roberts stands firm against colleagues influencing voter information

Legislature places 911 system under the microscope

Committee hopes to address problems that have led to outages

911 system goes under the microscope in Colorado Legislature

Committee hopes to address problems that have led to outages

Darryl Glenn explains boycott with Denver Post

Shrugs off lack of national support, bad polls

Attempt to curb ADA lawsuits angers disabled people

Concerns raised that bill would hinder accessibility

Planned Parenthood joins opposition to universal health care proposal

Says state ballot question would impact abortion access