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Vegetarian wontons are a delight to eat in this light, fragrant soup

No matter how you consume a wonton, one bite and you understand why the word translates from the Cantonese as “cloud swallow,” as Grace Young writes in her masterful book “The Wisdom of the ...

How to substitute for alcohol in cooking and baking

There are a number of reasons alcohol is off-limits for some people when cooking or baking, such as an allergy or an inability to use it when preparing food for children or those who might b...

The debate between cast-iron haters and loyalists is as enduring as the pan itself

Cast-iron pans have a storied place in American home cooking. The hefty, glossy black workhorses have plenty of attributes: They hold heat like champs, can put a crusty sear on a steak and t...

Marinate Camembert, Czech-style, for your next low-effort snack

I’m sitting in a crowded pub in Prague. It’s warmly lit, cozy and a little smoky. My band has just completed its first European tour, and we’re celebrating with our Czech driver and tour man...

New tipping rules will help restaurant owners and hurt workers, advocates say

Depending on who is reviewing them, America’s new tipping regulations will either help bridge the historic pay gap between servers and line cooks, as well as clarify practices that have resu...

I was an air fryer skeptic, but now it’s the only thing that gets me excited about pandemic cooking

If I applied Marie Kondo’s simple yet polarizing question to my kitchen appliances, only my air fryer would make the cut. It has undeniably sparked a particular kind of pandemic joy: the ple...

Why you’ll always find sweetened condensed milk in my kitchen

A number of kitchen staples have helped me get through the last almost 10 months of working and parenting at home. They include quesadillas (with black beans from my Instant Pot), sourdough ...

The best food books of 2020 that will get you thinking, not cooking

No single thread connects my favorite food books (as opposed to cookbooks) of 2020, other than the fact that, perhaps, each author has no stomach for conventional thinking or even convention...

Ska Brewing Co. releases dark version of a favorite beer

Brewery will alternate between Mexican Logger and Mexican Style Lager Dark

These 10 food trends were the distractions we needed in 2020

This year, many of us spent a lot more time in our kitchens than we could have imagined, turning out multiple meals a day and sometimes getting bored with our own rinse-and-repeat repertoire...

Manna soup kitchen offers holiday cheer

When budgets are tight, 550 meals help brighten Christmas

Pandemic gives rise to Durango-based grazing board business

Alexis Saghie started Farm to Fingers after COVID-19 brought her home
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