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2023 Shakespearean Smokin Snowdown Chili Cook-Off sees greater contest turnout compared with last year’s event

About 35 entrants signed up to sweep the competition across several categories

SNAP recipients in Southwest Colorado can prepare for reduced food benefits

On average, each individual will see a $90 reduction per month in allocations

To carb or not to carb, that is the question ...

There is so much conflicting information out there to decipher in regards to the realm of carbohydrates. There is research that emphasizes how putting certain carbohydrates into your body ca...

Net-zero federal lab set to open in Colorado in 2026 thanks to Inflation Reduction Act

A new, all-electric Food and Drug Administration lab will be funded through $79 million from the Inflation Reduction Act.

Low-income shoppers are ‘doubling up’ on fresh produce

A statewide program is making healthy foods accessible to SNAP recipients

Kelly Gregory finds a home base for her restaurant and coffee shop

Kelly’s Kitchen opens in Dolores after delighting locals with popular food truck

Delayed food benefits in Mesa County part of a spike in demand across Colorado

Western Slope food banks are trying to help SNAP applicants get the food they need while applications are being processed

A new law prohibiting the sale of non-cage-free eggs in Colorado will go into effect in January

Farms that own less than 3,000 egg-laying hens are exempt from the new law.

Colorado’s college students are feeling the pressure as inflation exacerbates food insecurity

According to federal data, grocery prices have risen nearly 12 percent since last year, straining college students' budgets

Thanksgiving spirit thrives in Durango with community meals

Gratitude was the theme at holiday gatherings open to all

Holiday thoughts: Prepare to head to the dinner table

The holidays are approaching and with that comes the season of food, celebration and yummy morsels everywhere! As good and comforting as it is to dive headfirst into a pile of turkey, mashed...

Voodoo Chili Oils brings some spice to Durango

Oil maker says its great on vegetables, meats and sweets
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