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First year with bear resource officer deemed successful

Clarence Dotson responded to 31 hotline calls during bear season

Bear euthanized in Telluride serves as reminder to secure trash

The 400-pound bear began to starve due to intestinal blockage of human trash

Bears are back in town as summer passes its peak

Lock up those trash cans, as bears are fattening up for winter, officials say

Working group acquires resources to decrease human-bear conflict in La Plata County

A resource officer will help enforce ordinance, and a hotline will help monitor sightings

With spring one week away, first report of bear activity is made in Durango area

Ursus are beginning to leave hibernation as weather warms

Colorado Parks and Wildlife funds countywide efforts to reduce human-bear conflict

City of Durango puts $60,000 toward expansion of secure trash containers

Wildlife officials remove 400-pound black bear napping under a deck in Durango

Incident coincides with Alaskan national park’s ‘Fat Bear Week’

Grant funding aims to mitigate human-bear conflict across La Plata County

Money will be centered around infrastructure and personnel

Early monsoon helps vegetation ahead of foraging season

La Plata County bear sightings have been on pace with last year’s numbers

Videos highlight need to keep trash, vehicles secure during bear ‘food frenzy’

Bruins packing on the pounds before winter hibernation

First bear of 2021 spotted northeast of Durango

Ursines seem to be waking earlier, Bear Smart director says

Why did bears stay away from populated areas this year in Southwest Colorado?

Human-bear conflicts had been on the rise, but not in 2020