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Our View: Council takes a big step toward humane housing

Last week, the city of Durango, through its elected City Council members, took a first step indicating the seriousness of the city’s commitment to deal with the seemingly intractable problem...

Our View: Ohana Kuleana

Community garden should be saved

Our View: Tree tales

Once upon a time in a small university town, a college president about the height of Napoleon and with a matching complex decided he wanted to build a parking lot on the site of a large park...

Our View: Housing

Potential hotel conversion could ease housing crisis Since January, as part of our FOCUS 2021 series of editorials, we’ve been addressing the lack of affordable housing and housing for unshe...

Our View: Ready to compost?

Anybody remember the “Garden Song”? “Inch by inch, row by row Gonna make this garden grow Gonna mulch it deep and low Gonna make it fertile ground …” Written by David Mallett in 1975, accord...

Our View: Good news

Local governments take steps toward real solutions for housing crisis in La Plata County

Our View: Bipartisanship

State Sen. Don Coram stubbornly models how to avoid polarization, work with others

Our View: Plastic ban

Law ridding stores and restaurants of bags and containers will help environment

Our View: Orphan wells

Bennet advances pollution solutions

Our View: ‘The churn’

One possible solution for local businesses

Our View: More tourism?

Business growth must look beyond tourism industry

Our View: Race-norming

Old racist ideas die a slow death