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Water Managers: For-profit investors should stay out of our water

We may not always agree on the particulars of water policy and water use in the Centennial State, but we all recognize the importance of the Colorado River to our statewide economy and our C...

Our View: City, county must collaborate on sheltering homeless people

“Our nation was founded on the principle that everyone is entitled to the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and with the emerging threat of coronavirus, it has never been...

Editorial cartoons

Henry Olsen: Why unity is so difficult to achieve

Many Americans, if not most, want some type of national unity after the horrifying and despicable events of Jan. 6. But even if that’s what a majority of Americans want, accomplishing it wil...

Our View: FOCUS 2021: Why are Americans so polarized?

How did Americans get so divided?

Our View: Today’s challenges in words from the past

Today’s challenges reflected in the past

Our View: FOCUS 2021: The Herald’s topics for in-depth editorial coverage this year

What do we want Durango to become? What can be done to make this beloved hometown and second home to many more livable, more sustainable, more friendly? Questions like that underpin the Hera...