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Prosecutors rest case in Mark Redwine trial

Defense attorneys expected to begin calling witnesses Friday

How much weight will jurors give Molly in Redwine case?

K-9 handler says dog had nose for death, but defense team says cadaver science stinks

Forensic pathologist says Dylan Redwine suffered blunt force trauma

‘The manner of death, in my opinion, is clearly homicide,’ expert witness says

Dog handler: Odor of human remains found in Redwine’s home, truck

German shepherd alerted to several locations inside, outside residence

Trial questions answered: Who pays for those suits? Do jurors go home at night? What happened to the lights?

Mark Redwine faces trial in connection with son’s death

FBI agent testifies about cellphone activity after Dylan Redwine’s disappearance

Trial to resume Tuesday after holiday weekend

Son, first ex-wife testify in Mark Redwine trial

Father was ‘stoic’ when Dylan’s remains were found

Expert witness says fracture on Dylan’s skull consistent with blunt force trauma

Wildlife official testifies bears, cougars don’t travel miles with kills

Wildlife expert: Fatal animal attack ‘highly unlikely’ in Redwine case

Biologist describes bear activity in Durango, Vallecito region

Investigators detail finding first remains of Dylan Redwine

Discovery of clothing, bones and personal effects buoyed investigation

Witnesses describe Mark Redwine as ‘haggard,’ ‘laid-back’ on day of son’s disappearance

Former firefighter, law enforcement take stand on Day 6 of trial

DNA experts take stand in Mark Redwine trial

Genetic markers of father, son found throughout living room