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Bridge should be inspected before underpass gets underway

The city of Durango should publish an up to date inspection report on the condition of the 32nd Street bridge before money is spent/wasted on a pedestrian underpass.

I live a block away and when the train goes by, several times a day, it causes forceful quaking and windows, even artwork rattles – once to the point of breaking. The bridge being immediately next to the train tracks is concerning as to the amount of damage this causes the structure of the old bridge.

Before Durango spends the money for the pedestrian underpass that this community has vehemently opposed, yet the city has decided to go ahead with anyway, we deserve to see a thorough report on the strength and condition of this very old bridge. It may actually need to be replaced and likely should be. Then, pedestrian passage could be improved on the bridge.

Further, safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists needs an overhaul of expectations in our town. Durango has become an extremely dangerous town, especially for pedestrians who should have safe space away from all moving vehicles. I'd like to see some sincere efforts to improvements over the narrow lanes and paths that cannot safely accommodate the speeding, crowded mixed use.

Melani Woodruff