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What is meth contamination and how do you clean it?

Meth residue was detected in the Boulder Public Library and several other public spaces, prompting all of them to close for cleaning

Polis administration opposes new climate targets in Democratic-backed bill

Colorado Senate bill also includes permitting reforms, incentives for electric lawn equipment

Colorado lawmakers look to AI to detect wildfires earlier

Proposal would create a $2 million pilot program to station cameras on mountaintops in high-risk locations

Heat pumps are having a moment in Colorado, but do they really work in the bitter cold?

Developed in 1857, tech improvements are making heat pumps a viable element in the contemporary transition to cleaner, more energy efficient homes

‘Catastrophe’ would befall economy with national default, warn Colorado Democrats

Republicans faulted for politicizing a historically bipartisan process

Nearly 25% of Colorado’s state lawmakers have landed a statehouse seat by vacancy committee

There will be 24 lawmakers this year who secured a statehouse seat through a vacancy appointment

Juvenile violent crime is rising in Colorado

Researchers are looking into the link between violent crime and teenagers spending more time virtually connected but physically alone

The Blotter

Durango Police Department Monday 11:30 a.m. A snowplow crashed into an enclosed utility trailer near the intersection of Oxbow Circle and Sage View Street. 1:15 p.m. A hit-and-run cr...

The Blotter

Durango Police Department Monday 12:30 a.m. An drunken woman called 911 and asked for an officer to come get her in the 900 block of Twin Buttes Avenue. She was arrested on suspicion of ...

As gas car sales drop, how many electric vehicles did Colorado buy in 2022?

Overall market is down, but the state adopts cleaner electrics and hybrids at a pace that makes leaders happy

Emails offer inside glimpse of Colorado GOP showdown over embattled county leader

Back-and-forth exchange highlights tension between Burton Brown, Tonkins

Net-zero federal lab set to open in Colorado in 2026 thanks to Inflation Reduction Act

A new, all-electric Food and Drug Administration lab will be funded through $79 million from the Inflation Reduction Act.