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Our View: How the newspapers’ editorial pages work

As you may have read on this page a few months ago, the Durango Herald and The Cortez Journal have a new editorial page editor. This seems like a good time to re-acquaint our readership with...

Our View: Biden’s pause on federal land leases is prudent

Biden’s pause on leases is prudent

Our View: The time has come for gun violence prevention

On Feb. 16, the Colorado General Assembly is expected to reconvene for the remainder of its 2021 legislative session. Soon to be on the agenda are three gun violence prevention bills. ...

Our View: Good customer service is literally remarkable

The good kind is literally remarkable

Our View: City, county must collaborate on sheltering homeless people

“Our nation was founded on the principle that everyone is entitled to the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and with the emerging threat of coronavirus, it has never been...

Our View: Rewrite REAL ID for real safety, less bureaucracy

While President Biden and his new appointees are busy examining the last administration’s actions, we’d like to suggest a good look at the wasteful, discriminatory and useless aspects of the...

Our View: FOCUS 2021: Why are Americans so polarized?

How did Americans get so divided?

Our View: Rep. Lauren Boebert needs to step up, serve constituents

Boebert should step into role

Our View: Today’s challenges in words from the past

Today’s challenges reflected in the past

Our View: FOCUS 2021: The Herald’s topics for in-depth editorial coverage this year

What do we want Durango to become? What can be done to make this beloved hometown and second home to many more livable, more sustainable, more friendly? Questions like that underpin the Hera...

Our View: Ordinary people are suffering in wake of Capitol siege

Ordinary people suffer in wake of siege

Our View: Public health workers deserve accolades, not blame

On Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, managers at San Juan Basin Public Health gathered to discuss how they might prepare for the coming COVID-19 pandemic. They had no idea what to expect. And like the ...
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