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Our View: Native schools

On Aug. 23, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe opened its new charter school, Kwiyagat Community Academy in Towaoc, to kindergarten and first grade students. Kwiyagat means “bear” in the Ute langua...

Our View: Council takes a big step toward humane housing

Last week, the city of Durango, through its elected City Council members, took a first step indicating the seriousness of the city’s commitment to deal with the seemingly intractable problem...

Our View: Churches

Ministers are struggling through COVID-19, too Like everyone else, we have found ourselves considering the costs that COVID-19 so far has exacted from our lives and our community, and recent...

Our View: Ethics

Lauren Boebert’s tardy disclosure shows spouse earns big from oil and gas industry

Our View: Ohana Kuleana

Community garden should be saved

Our View: Tree tales

Once upon a time in a small university town, a college president about the height of Napoleon and with a matching complex decided he wanted to build a parking lot on the site of a large park...

Our View: Fire district

Complicated history influences school property sale

Our View: Good choices

9-R made the right choice on masks School District 9-R board members were subjected to interruptions and shouting in a meeting last week as they voted unanimously to require masks in classro...

Our View: Housing

Potential hotel conversion could ease housing crisis Since January, as part of our FOCUS 2021 series of editorials, we’ve been addressing the lack of affordable housing and housing for unshe...

Our View: Miller site

Questions remain on best school location

Our View: 9-R sale

Proposed sale to fire district is still a bad idea

Our View: Yes, masks

Our new Durango School District 9-R Superintendent Karen Cheser already has waded into deep waters with some significant and contentious issues to sort out, including the sale of the 9-R Adm...
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