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Our View: 4-day school weeks poised to be Southwest standard

Historians are at odds over why school calendars begin in the fall and summer is the season for breaks. Some say children helped on farms in summer. Others says cities were sweltering in Jun...

Our View: Durango divide: Ebikes and those who hate on them

Note the bumper sticker, “Bikes, Durango’s replacement for horses.” Now, we’re witnessing another possible replacement and a sharp Durango divide – people hating on ebikes. And those who lov...

Bill Roberts: Lack of home does not justify parks, alleys as toilets

It speaks well of Durango and La Plata County that people here recognize both the rights and the humanity of the homeless. But there are limits to everything. And it seems clear that if aske...

Our View: Lower Dolores River group rare, special

It’s been a long time coming, these extraordinary bipartisan Senate and House bills that propose additional protections for the Lower Dolores River corridor. Equally impressive are stakehold...

Climate legislation a significant transition

Energy components easier on wallets, the planet

Bill Roberts: Excess lodgers tax revenue

City would get better answers by asking better questions

Our View: Time to tap Lake Nighthorse

As long as water flows clear, clean and freely from our faucets, we have a false sense of security. We’re removed from any urgency on securing water and building resiliency. Yet, signs that ...

Our View: ‘Breaking Bad’ statues a little weird. And well-received

“Breaking Bad” lead actor Bryan Cranston said he was humbled, delighted and slightly embarrassed to have statues of his character Walter White and supporting actor Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman...

Bill Roberts: Bicyclists must respect rules of road

‘Should be treated no differently than misbehaving motorists’

Our View: School leaders need PERA compromise

As rural schools struggle with teacher shortages, we need all capable hands on deck. Recent House bills signed into law helped retired teachers and other employees return to work without a r...

Our View: Spend excess revenue on new purposes

It’s a good problem to have roughly $1.2 million, the equivalent of two years’ worth of excess lodgers tax revenue, to either refund to residents or keep and spend. City Council has asked fo...

Bill Roberts: Dolphin program brings new perception

For more than 60 years, the U.S. Navy has used dolphins to detect underwater mines. It is a successful and cost-effective program that is now threatened by budget cuts. It is a threat made a...
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