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Our View: Spend excess revenue on new purposes

It’s a good problem to have roughly $1.2 million, the equivalent of two years’ worth of excess lodgers tax revenue, to either refund to residents or keep and spend. City Council has asked fo...

Bill Roberts: Dolphin program brings new perception

For more than 60 years, the U.S. Navy has used dolphins to detect underwater mines. It is a successful and cost-effective program that is now threatened by budget cuts. It is a threat made a...

Our View: Survivalist companies profit off fears

Have the Jan. 6 hearings galvanized the already prolific marketing for 4Patriots, the survivalist company out of Nashville? 4Patriots’ ads popped up everywhere soon after the attack on the C...

Our View: Pulling plug on city’s broadcasts reasonable

Following a June 25 story in The Durango Herald on the City of Durango potentially scrapping its DGOV broadcast services, one commenter wrote: “Lip service to transparency is just that.” Tra...

Our View: Who exactly is Heidi Ganahl?

It’s a bit of a surprise that Heidi Ganahl, Colorado’s Republican nominee for governor, selected an election denier as her running mate. Navy veteran and business consultant Danny Moore was ...

Colorado River

The West’s water demands unwavering attention

Our View: International teachers good hires

Ignacio School District is reaching out to the far corners of the planet in recruiting teachers. Literally. Ignacio is hiring a teacher from the Philippines and one from Lebanon for the 2022...

Our View: Fire, city make right turn toward station solution

Apparently, there wasn’t a single moment that stands out when things shifted between the City of Durango and DFPD. But now, there’s a right turn toward a solution with the memorandum of unde...

Prioritize parking

‘Durango is not some urban planner’s dream’

Our View: Cartoonists deserve Pulitzers

Prestigious prizes are awarded annually to cartoonists and illustrators for journalism excellence, and the Pulitzer Prize is as distinguished as they come. It’s the highest honor, the crowni...

Our View: One-liners we embrace without 600 words

Our View: ‘Lost sense of safety in numbers’

A reader recently reached out to say the freedom to own assault weapons and recent mass shootings have left him noting the exits while shopping at City Market. Point taken. Lately, we’re fee...
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