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Our View: 9-R sale

Proposed sale to fire district is still a bad idea

Our View: Yes, masks

Our new Durango School District 9-R Superintendent Karen Cheser already has waded into deep waters with some significant and contentious issues to sort out, including the sale of the 9-R Adm...

Our View: Ready to compost?

Anybody remember the “Garden Song”? “Inch by inch, row by row Gonna make this garden grow Gonna mulch it deep and low Gonna make it fertile ground …” Written by David Mallett in 1975, accord...

Our View: New Guardians

Language reflects the times, and new words, phrases and memes help us understand how our culture is shifting. How to use language to confer respect and inclusion of people unlike oneself can...

Our View: Power struggle

Tri-State continues to stall, resist, obfuscate

Our View: Pueblo Community College weathers pandemic with top grades

COVID-19 has taken its toll on every sort of institution, business and organization in our region over the past 18 months. Recently, we got curious about how Pueblo Community College was far...

Our View: Good news

Local governments take steps toward real solutions for housing crisis in La Plata County

Our View: Justice

Redwine trial proves the system works, if slowly

Our View: Bipartisanship

State Sen. Don Coram stubbornly models how to avoid polarization, work with others

Our View: Plastic ban

Law ridding stores and restaurants of bags and containers will help environment

Our View: Beginnings

Former city finance director Julie Brown begins her jail sentence; downtown underpass gets green light

Our View: Orphan wells

Bennet advances pollution solutions
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