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Our View: New Colorado laws

Twenty new state laws go into full or partial effect New Year’s Day. Some are a long time coming, others surprised us. A look at some: If you don’t have a reusable shopping bag, it’s time to...

Our View: Boebert on Russian state TV a bad look

We want thoughtful actions, words, appearances

Our View: Zelensky’s love of country an inspiration

Ukrainian president keeps our gaze on his homeland

Our View: Merry and bright ...

Dear Readers, Thank you for returning to these Opinion pages again and again as we – together – comment on local issues and news of the day. We hope you continue to send even more Letters to...

Our View: GOP chairwoman stuck on party loyalty

Quality, problem-solving candidates matter more

Our View: Cage-free chickens law egg-xactly right

But consumers will feel steep price increase

Our View: Small, large efforts for health care reform

If La Plata County residents north of age 60 had their way, they’d have universal health care with the government negotiating prescription prices. At least, this is the overwhelming result f...

Our View: Your Christmas tree reveals who you are

In December 1976, just one year after the debut of “Saturday Night Live,” the holiday skit “Killer Trees” was a fresh dose of dark yuletide humor. The storyline was this: When mutant Christm...

Our View: Wacky world of jobs, strong economy, inflation

Are you the person who lives for the scraping sound of blade meeting ice? When someone must remove snow, is your first thought, “Let it be me?” Is your favorite tool your shovel or plow on y...

Our View: Lawyer misusing sunshine laws

We champion the cause of open government. Yet, we’re questioning intentions in recent settlements with a “gotcha” quality that feel like a shakedown. Matt Roane, a Pagosa Springs attorney we...

Our View: ‘Goblin mode’: Who uses Oxford’s word of the year?

Not many, according to our unofficial poll

Our View: Raise beer glass for The Denver Post

If you happen to be in the Denver area tomorrow and are hankering for a beer, we can recommend a new one, The Thirst Amendment. You will be raising a glass for a cause close to our hearts – ...
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