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Our View: ‘Goblin mode’: Who uses Oxford’s word of the year?

Not many, according to our unofficial poll

Our View: Raise beer glass for The Denver Post

If you happen to be in the Denver area tomorrow and are hankering for a beer, we can recommend a new one, The Thirst Amendment. You will be raising a glass for a cause close to our hearts – ...

Our View: Warming center needs a chance

Fear of impact might be worse than actual result in neighborhood

Our View: Rep. Boebert, come to a local drag show

Rep. Lauren Boebert, we’re extending a personal invitation. Come to a drag show in Durango. You owe us this much. You made Durango ground zero for that kitty litter nonsense talk in early Oc...

Our View: No-service tipping tough to negotiate

Have you noticed tip jars in establishments where previously we didn’t leave gratuities? Liquor and retail stores, and small groceries. No-service tipping has left us confused. Is this a new...

Our View: Best-behavior reminders helpful in soccer, politics

At a recent Durango youth soccer game, we were moved to see a sign encouraging best behavior from parents with reminders, including “officials are human.” These reminders come when across th...

Our View: Can’t write off Trump as real contender

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for a House panel to examine former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, denying his last-ditch effort to string out this legal battle that has...

Our View: Bison murals worth keeping

Owner wants them down as talk turns from appreciation to genitalia

Our View: Frisch in D.C.: Tour de force of potential

Adam Frisch flashed a smile as he walked into the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C., on Sunday before the start of orientation for the job he’s hoping to win. Frisch was dressed like a D.C. ...

Our View: Purple Cliffs trash a tipping point

Letter writers have not held back feelings about the 1,000 cubic yards of trash left behind at Purple Cliffs and the sticker shock of $374,241 for its cleanup. That scale of debris, hauled u...

Our View: Smooth elections mean conspiracies may be behind us

We can’t say we’ve seen election workers in full-body armor or doing any fancy martial arts moves. But they’ve learned a thing or two on how to react to emergency situations along with simpl...

Our View: Never really knew Ganahl or perceived plan

Gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl cried quietly through her concession speech, paused to collect herself and showed a softness – a vulnerability – noticeably absent on the campaign trail....
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